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Piping & Fabrication Services

Piping Fabrication ServicesPiping Fabrication

Rock Hill Industrial Piping & Fabrication, Inc. boasts one of the premier piping fabrication and installation forces in the Southeast. While employing craftsmen with extensive backgrounds in this arena, RHIP&F sets the bar for quality and timeliness in this highly skilled area of performance. RHIP&F’s track record in all types of industrial environments is unequaled in customer satisfaction. For a better understanding of our capabilities and areas of service, please read the sections below with the accompanying illustrations.

Steam Piping

RHIP&F can meet the needs of utility steam production users in any situation that may arise. From piping repairs to replacement and new construction, we offer a cost effective solution to keeping these piping systems functional and safe. Whether it’s the low pressure service piping supplying the equipment in the plant to high pressure superheated mainlines from the boiler, RHIP&F can supply all of your piping and valve needs.

Process Piping

Process PipingThe largest component found in all plants is the process piping systems. While the smallest operations will consist of a few hundred feet, the largest process plants can includes circuits of hundreds of miles of all types of piping to produce their end product. RHIP&F places the same priority and importance on all of the process piping needs of our customers. Timeliness and quality are paramount when performing new fabrication and installation, or making repairs to existing systems. We boast a proven track record in all areas of service from the simplest threaded systems, to the most complex systems such as fully jacketed or lined type systems. Whether in a chemical plant, refinery, pulping and paper mill, or any industry setting, RHIP&F can service any of your process piping needs.

Utility Service Piping

Rock Hill Industrial Piping & Fabrication, Inc. excels in the installation of service piping for commercial and industrial environments. We install all types of piping from threaded designs connecting directly to the individual components being supplied, to fully-welded main headers supplying the water, gas, air, or any other fluid to those components. RHIP&F routinely designs and installs complete systems to supply plant air to individual components throughout the plant site. Also supplying combustion fuels, lubricating oils, and many other fluids to all types of equipment.

Utility Service PipingWelding

Our staff of certified welders here at RHIP&F is second to none in the industrial world. With certifications and procedures to meet the requirements and codes for any design, we pride our self in performing welding to the specifications required with quality and timeliness in any circumstance. ASME qualified welders perform consistently in all of our field and in-house operations, allowing RHIP&F to be the areas leader in all fabrication and repairs requiring certified welders. With in-house American Welding Society certified welding inspectors, RHIP&F can ensure complete compliance in any scope of design, fit-up, and weld completion.

Metal Fabrication Services

Learn more about our Metal Fabrication Services

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